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The Red Palm Weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) is a high destructive pest which infect a Wide range of different palm species, but can also be found in plants which belongs to the Family of dragon trees.Furthermore host plants for the Red Palm Weevil is sugar cane, pineapple and banana.
In the home environment of the Red Palm Weevil (Indonesia), the weevil doesn’t become a problem due to the presence of predators forcing it to generate at high reproduction rates for species surviving. This fact becomes a problem in areas where the weevil is newly introduced, where the natural control or natural resistance to its growth does not exist. This happens mostly by uncontrolled and unchecked palm plant trading.

The Red Palm Weevil is not comparable to other insects, the biology and ethological aspects Of it are more complex than other beetles or weevils.
Once a plant is infected the weevil doesn’t leave the plant after one generation. Mostly they are Prisoners of the plant itself and the complete cycle from maturing, egg laying, larvae, Pupa and maturity is repeated so often until the plant is eaten and falling apart. Then the adults are able to leave the mother plant to infest new plants.

The struggle strategies against the weevils are limited; the use of pheromone/cairomone traps takes the risk that the weevil is spread into areas which are free of this pest until the trap placement. The usage of pesticides doesn’t provide a 100 percent efficient result, since the Red Palm Weevil is protected by the plant itself.

Another problem is that the infestation is mostly recognized in the late stages, which means that some adult weevils have already left the plant to infect new ones.

The only possibility to detect an infestation at early stage is by using bioacoustics methods. The control of this pest is only possible with a combination of bioacoustics methods and the Laar RPW Spreading blocker System. With those strategies the weevil life cycle chain is busted.

For the private sector with a small number of palm trees the investment into a bioacoustics System is not feasible. The usage of the system only makes sense in case of professional user, palm nurseries, authorities and service provider. But for the private owners it is possible to protect there plants using the Laar RPW SBS

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