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Wound Closeup KIT for palms

Two component wound close up for treatment of wounds after drilling or removing offshoots.

100g Component A, 200g Component B, plastic pot for mixing
other quantity packs on request!

Marker screws for palms

Special plastic screws for marking drilled holes. Two component wound close up  for treatment of wounds after drilling or removing offshoots.

50g screws

Makita battery drill with special Laar configuration for palms

High quality battery drill machine with high torque for professional users. With suitable features especially for drilling in palm trunks.

New standard in power and sturdiness.
 High torques thanks Makita motor with new magnet generation.
Fully functional even after a 2 -m drop onto concrete thanks to the modern housing concept.
 Long service life and ideal power transfer
Carbon brushes that can be changed externally

Pheromone lures for Red palm weevil

Special pheromone/kairomone lures with additional synergists on carrier for higher attractance of Red Palm Weevil
10 pcs in sealed bags

Bucket traps for Red palm weevil

Bucket traps ready configured for use. Bucket coated with sack cotton. Bucket 5 l, Material: PE.
(without lures)

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