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last update: 07.10.2023

Another working field are projects around the management of pest insects. Here is the main focus upon species like xylobionts insects and storrage pests!

The most species are invasive species.They impact unprepared ecosystem and produce so heavy damages in the environment..
In the most cases the situation resulting from human origin. Less safety of goods or unresponsible acting in international trading are often the reasons.

We us the totally view upon such problems and their solutions. We devolop with the partner company BVL von Laar new methods or adjustments of wellknown methods for the special task/problem.

To this belong:

  -   Methods of early detection
  -   Analysis of local predators
  -   Methods to support the predators
  -   Monitoring of the population development
  -   Build up of import- and export control
  -   Setup and care of GIS-applications
  -   Implementation of aspects for plant hygiene and hygiene in general
  -   Setup of local adapted waste management concepts
  -   Training and consulting

In our solutions have pesticides an underdeveolped role, because in most cases the use is unefficient and generate often unwanted collateral damages.

We prefer biomechanical or thermal methods..